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Vincenzo Ambrogi is Associate Professor of Thoracic Surgery at Tor Vergata University and Responsible of the Unit of Thoracic endoscopy and video-thoracoscopy at Policlinico Tor Vergata.

Born in Gubbio  Prof. Ambrogi earned his medical degree Cum Laude from Perugia University. He trained in General Surgery and served as Resident at Policlinico Umberto I in Rome obtaining here the Italian Board in General Surgery. Thereafter he started a new postgraduate course in Thoracic Surgery serving as resident at St. Eugenio Hospital of Rome under his mentor Prof. Tommaso Claudio Mineo obtaining the Italian Board of Thoracic Surgery at University of Rome La Sapienza with highest honors. Thereafter he earned a Research Fellowship in Thoracic Oncology at Tor Vergata University of Rome with a research on the surgical treatment of lung metastases with stages in worldwide well-known oncologic centers: Royal Brompton Hospital (London), Hopital Marie Lannelongue (Paris), Toronto General Hospital (Toronto), MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston).

In  2000 he was enrolled as Assistant Professor at the Department  of Thoracic Surgery directed by Prof. Tommaso Claudio Mineo at the University of Rome Tor Vergata hosted at the Sant’Eugenio Hospital in Rome. There, he served until 2002 when he moved at the new Polyclinic of the Tor Vergata with the task of responsible of the Unit of Thoracic Endoscopy and Videothoracoscopy.

In 2012 he became Associate Professor in Thoracic Surgery

at the Department of Experimental Medicine and Surgery of the University of Rome – Tor Vergata Polyclinic, where he is presently carrying out his clinical activities.

Fluent in English, his interests are wide and cover from humanistic disciplines such as history, art and music (he plays guitar and piano) to athletics (he is a regular runner with a mean of five half-marathon per year).

His scientific interests mainly deal with thoracic surgery and in a particular with the surgery of

lung metastases, thymus, pleura, emphysema. He also conducted some experimental studies about the development of a new chest wall prosthesis, circulating oncomarkers and the effects of lung volume reduction surgery in emphysema severe. Lastly he developed a program for thoracic surgery in non intubated patients. Prof. Ambrogi has over 100 scientific papers published in Peer Reviewed Journals with an average Impact Factor of 2.81 and a H-index of 16.

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