Dipartimento di Medicina Sperimentale e Chirurgia

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SSD   MED 18


PTV, viale Oxford 81, 00133 Roma

piano I TORRE 9, studio 19

telefono 0620903596




 Clinical Excellence

 Respected clinician with a passion for improving the quality, visibility and overall success of patient-focused healthcare systems. Distinguished career as an academic surgeon, with large experience in the management of Gastro-Intestinal Surgical Patients. Logbook and clinical experiences highlight a CV of a highly specialized surgeon with a strong background of general surgery and in deep knowledge of latest updates in surgery.  Proven success managing the new technologies and using it to produce clinical innovation. International education and experience in Europe (clinical fellowship and former Consultant Surgeon for the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals, U.K.) and North America (research fellowship Harvard and New York University).


Core competencies:

Team Building & Leadership

Clinical Services Governance & Planning

Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students

Surgical Instructor





GastroIntestinal Surgical Unit, Head (2008 to present)

Selected by Medical University of Rome “Tor Vergata” to be responsible for developing a

Unit of Surgery and clinical excellence. Guide decisions, enhance programs and perform operations at a very high standard for a tertiary referral centre.


Selected accomplishments:

Creation of a referral Unit of Excellence for the management of the patient with Inflammatory Bowel Disease establishing a close relationship with the Gastroenterology Unit.

Start-up of a program of Laparoscopic Gastrectomy for Cancer leading to publications in peer reviewed journals.

Launched the Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery program, for complex procedure such as Crohn’s disease or Ileo-anal Pouch (published in peer reviewed journals)

Implemented and managed a wide range of tertiary clinical services covering all aspects of patient care including emergencies. Coordinated several first-time clinical procedures in a

University Hospital.

Attending Surgeon            (2004-2007)

 Launched a program of Gastro-Intestinal Surgery whilst providing a full service of general surgery including treatment of emergencies of a tertiary referral centre.


 OXFORD, U.K. 2000-2003

 UGI & HPB Consultant Surgeon (2003)

Responsibilities included provision of tertiary patient care, for both elective procedure and emergencies; teaching and lecturing medical students and surgeons in training; performing clinical research at the main teaching hospital for the Medical University of Oxford, UK.

 Senior Clinical Fellow (2000-2002)

Supervised and coordinated medical personnel and operations for the UGI and HPB Surgical Units, a national and regional referral centres for the treatment of cancers of the upper gastro-intestinal tract, oesophagus, stomach, pancreas and liver. Lead daily operations and ensured the delivery of superior clinical care and training of residents.

Selected accomplishments:


  • Creation of a program to shortening the waiting lists for selected operations such as cholecystectomy leading to the project “Day Surgery Cholecystectomy” ORH.
  • Responsible of the organization of the Short Stay Unit (ORH).



                                  UNIVERSITY OF ROME “TOR VERGATA” MEDICAL SCHOOL, Rome, Italy

 Associate Professor of Surgery  (2011)

 Assistant Professor-Lecturer (1999 to 2010)

 Resident, General Surgery (1995 to 1998)

                                  UNIVERSITY OF ROME “LA SAPIENZA” MEDICAL SCHOOL, Rome, Italy

 PhD Degree (1992 to 1995): effect of radiations on manual and mechanical microvascular anastomosis

                                   NEW YORK MEDICAL SCHOOL, New York, NY, USA

 Research Fellow (1994) Belleview Hospital, Department of Surgery, Division of Microsurgery,

                                   HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, Boston, MA, USA

 Research Fellow (1993) Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Department of Surgery, Division of Microsurgery, Children’s Hospital Laboratory,

                                   G. D’ANNUNZIO UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL,         Chieti, Italy

 Resident, General Surgery (1990 to 1992)

                                    “LA SAPIENZA” MEDICAL SCHOOL UNIVERSITY OF ROME, ROME, ITALY

 Doctor of Medicine (MD) (1990) ~ summa cum laude


 Vast experience in the treatment of the surgical pathology of the abdomen. All the procedure (but liver resections and DP) mostly performed laparoscopically.

Major Oncologic and Functional Gastro-Intestinal Surgery: Esophagectomies, Radical Gastrectomies, major Liver and Pancreatic resections, Colectomies, Low Anterior Resections, Ileo-Anal Pouches and IBD surgery. Colecystectomies, Heller, Funduplicatio.

Etcetera, including Thyroid surgery, Hernias and Haemorrhoids.

Large experience in the management of multi-traumatized patient and Surgical Emergencies


GENERAL MEDICAL COUNCIL (Register of Rome, Italy)


  • Full registration as medical doctor                                                           1990-ongoing
  • Full registration in the specialist register as General Surgeon             1998-ongoing




  • Full Registration in the specialist register. CCST general Surgery       2000-2006




  • Full Registration in the specialist register. CCST general Surgery       2013-0ngoing





Specialist in General Surgery (1998) summa cum laude


Doctor of Medicine (MD) (1990) ~ summa cum laude

  • Hospital “12 DE OCTUBRE”, MADRID, SPAIN

Erasmus Project (1989): EU travel grant for medical students

  • International Baccalaureate, classical studies (1984) Lyceum “Mameli” Rome, Italy

Honors and Awards


  • Deputy-Rector for the University “Nostra Signora del Buonconsiglio”, Tirana, Albania
  • Senior Lecturer, General Surgery, University “Nostra Signora del Buonconsiglio”, Tirana, Albania
  • Vice Chair and Surgical Instructor Residency Program “General Surgery” (2008 to present)
  • Vice Chair and Surgical Instructor Residency Program “Surgery of the Alimentary Tract” (2004 to 2008)
  • Best teacher, Oxford University School of Medicine (2002)



  • Board Member, Italian Society of University Surgeons
  • Editorial Board Member: World Journal Gastroenterology, World Journal Gastrointestinal Surgery.
  • Reviewer: EJSO, DLD, WJG, WGJS
  • Board Member: Committee for Evaluation of Research at University of Tor Vergata, Rome
  • Invited External Examiner: Italian Ministry for Research
  • Member: Italian Society of Surgery, European Society of Surgical Oncology, American Society Surgery Alimentary Tract, European Crohn and Colitis Organization


 Extensive list of book chapters, peer-reviewed articles (I.F. >100, H.I. 15 SCOPUS), surgical DVDS and other publications and presentations will be provided on request.


 Italian, born in Naples 23.03.1965, fluent in Italian, English, Spanish; French scholastic

Married to Barbara, Internal Decorator, fluent in Italian, English and French.

Two children (Francesco born in 1997 and Margherita born in 1999, both at the St. Georges International School in Rome, Italy).


Prof Giuseppe S. Sica

Napoli 23.03.1965

Professore Associato in Chirurgia, Università Tor Vergata Roma

Responsabile della UOS di Chirurgia dell’Apparato Digerente del PTV

2002-3 Consultant Surgeon presso i Radcliffe University Hospital di Oxford, UK;

2000-2 Senior Clinical Fellow, undergraduate tutor and clinical trainers, Department of surgery University of Oxford UK

1999 – Ricercatore Dipartimento di Chirurgia Università Tor Vergata Roma

1998 Specialista in Chirurgia, Università Tor Vergata, Roma

1995 Dottore di Ricerca in Microchirurgia Università la Sapienza, Roma

1993 Research Fellow NYU, New York, NY USA

1992 Research Fellow Harvard University, Harvard, MA USA

1990 Laurea in Medicina e Chirurgia Università La Sapienza, Roma

Autore di pubblicazioni per extenso e abstracts, capitoli di libri e CD di divulgazione scientifica. I.F. > 100. C.I. = 15 (SCOPUS)

Insegna all’Università di Tor Vergata alla Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia.

E’ incaricato di diversi insegnamenti MED 18 presso corsi di laurea, scuole di specializzazione, e dottorato di ricerca.

E’ Direttore del Master in Chirurgia delle Malattie Infiammatorie Croniche dell’Intestino.

Dal 2014 è Delegato del Rettore di Tor Vergata per l’Università di Tirana, Albania UCNSBC.

Membro dell’editorial board di World Journal Gastroenterology e World Journal Gastrointestinal Surgery. Reviewer per diverse riviste internazionali.

Curatore delle line guida europee sul trattamento chirurgico della colite ulcerosa, per conto della European Crohn & Colitis Organization

Principali linee di ricerca: Oncologia chirurgica apparto digerente. Chirurgia delle Malattie Infiammatorie Croniche dell’intestino

Attività Clinica prevalente: Chirurgia Laparoscopica avanzata anche con tecnologia 3-D. Già primario Chirurgo presso gli Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals, attualmente responsabile dell’Unità Semplice di Chirurgia dell’Apparato Digerente al Policlinico di Tor Vergata di Roma. Abilitato oltre che in Italia, nel Regno Unito e negli Emirati Arabi.


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